Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why The Story of "Hang Tuah" was taken off from history

REASON WHY IN SEJARAH OF MALAYSIA SINCE YEAR 1999 Study about HANG TUAH isMISSING ????? " The Truth Revealed (with evidence)" In June 1998, the Government of Malaysia had hired a team ofexperts in conjunction with a local research project to prove that theMalays are the origins of Malaysia and they first landed in Malaysia. To strengthen their claim, first they had to find the graveyardsof Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu to show the existence of theirpioneers. The Batu Bersurat in Terengganu, reveals that the Islamic Religionhad landed in Malaysia a hundred years ago, which further strengthenedtheir claims! That is why, we were taught Sejarah (History of Malaysia)!!!! BEWARE……..ask your brother, sister, niece, nephew etc. etc,since year 1999 (if I’m not mistaken) or year 2000, do they study aboutHANG TUAH anymore???????? Why is the popular subject GONE????? Missing in action??????? orevidence revealed something different that caused the government tostop the syllabus and HIDE the TRUTH???????? Here are the Evidence of the findings of the team ofscientists, archaeologists, historians and other research staff fromthe USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia. 1st Evidence They finally found the graveyards of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat etc andtheir skeletons had been analysed and samples of DNA taken with theresults showing Hnag Tuah, Hang Jebat and Hang Lekiu were not MALAYS! They were CHINESE (Islamic) from China!!! and why were they herein Malacca????? Because they were on a mission to protect the MALAYSfrom the potential attack of SIAM (Thailand)!!! So, Hang Tuah is not Malay hero!!! He was the protector ofParameswara (from INDONESIA) who landed in Malacca and claimed theland!!! The Hang Tuah bunch of people were all from China and they wereassigned to Malacca because Parameswara requested the Ching DynastyEmporer for protection!!! This is why the Hang Tuah series of history is MISSING from SEJARAH!!!! 2nd. Evidence The researchers found the oldest tombstone (graveyard) in Kelantanin year 2000. Suprisingly, the tomb stone was at least 900 yearsold!!!!…older than the so-called Batu Bersurat and it belonged to theChinese. Having first landed in Malacca doesn’t mean Malays were theorigins of Malaysia because during that time, the road was too long forthem to see the other side of the coast!!! where the Chinese had landedfar more earlier. If you want the black and white evidence of the "Truth Revealed", please write to: The Federal Association of Archaeology & Research of Michigan, USA
Source :*assignment under STID 1103